Dan R Klatt

Author – Speaker – Coach – Entrepreneur

Dan R Klatt

Dan has a life full of wonderful business,  community and church activities. However, the most important things in his life are the Lord Jesus Christ and his family.

A native of Las Vegas where he lives with his wife (Chiqui). Father of 3 awesome children Brandy, Justin and Jordan. A Grand-Father to 6 beautiful Grandkids, Mackinzy, ZoeJane, Chase, Kadan, MacCallum Hope & Grayson.

“Serving God through serving others. This is where true joy is, serving God, my family and others in need. The scripture that I try to model my life after is…

‘Bear one another’s burdens and in doing so, you fulfill the Law of Christ” Galatians 6:2′. For there is no greater joy than serving and helping others in need.”

Many years working in ministry as a Youth Advisor, Counselor, Bible Teacher, Elder and Board Member has taught me one sure thing, it truly is better to give than receive.
My work has always revolved around helping people 33 years in the Auto Body industry helping people with their repairs and of course the dreaded insurance claim. From to Exclusive, Church Owned (Leased) Real Estate, helping growing Churches find new a new larger home and sell their existing building maybe to a smaller one in need.

Currently working on a new book about the process of growing and moving a Ministry with the varied special considerations involved, whether it be a Church, School or Day Care Center. This volume will be a practical guide from preparation through the entire process of relocation for an active ministry.

Writing is my new passion and I wish to write non-fiction self-help books that will help people on their personal journey in this life and always pointing to the next. Writing my first book A Painless Detox, No More Excuses, is a portion of my own story of addiction and recovery from prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers. It’s my hope that this book will be a helpful tool for those struggling with drug addiction and their families to find life after drugs.

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